The Discovery Set

The Discovery Set

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A decadent and moisturizing formulation, the Discovery Set will introduce you to your best skin, leaving you beyond supple and hydrated. Start your journey with the RhasSOUL Masque, the Multi-Oil and the ROHO Perfume Oil.


Included in the set:

1 oz.       Multi-Oil

0.5 oz     RhasSOUL Cleansing Masque

0.06 oz   ROHO Perfume Oil

Named ‘SPIRIT’ in Swahili, ROHO is an uplifting and sophisticated interpretation with a sweet orange and warm vanilla opening, lingering cypress and peppery undertones. This fragrance can be worn by everyone. 


How To Use:

Multi-Oil: After cleansing, apply oil sparingly all over the face and body. This oil can be mixed into an existing moisturizer or worn as is, day or night. The Oil can be used in hair, as well.

Rhassoul Masque: The Cleansing Masque can be used with water, with an oil-free toner, or with an oil-free cleanser as a booster. Use 2-3 times a week as apart of your cleansing regimen. Pour a quarter-size amount into the palm of your hand, then add an oil-free cleanser, toner, or warm water and mix into a thin paste. Apply onto face and allow to dry. Rinse or wipe off once dry.

ROHO Perfume Oil: Apply oil to the pulse points all over the body. Re-apply as needed.

- key notes - 

sweet orange

malagasy vanilla

cameroonian penja