A Note From Our Founder

For me, beauty is a matter of heritage, innovation, and unyielding passion. I started MAJI simply because I was inspired; inspired to change the world around me. Working in beauty, I was inundated with down-trodden clients and real concerns that were not being addressed. Specifically, toxic formulas from insincere companies that found their way into homes without the best intentions. My grandmother was a woman of till. She had once told me that ‘anything you need, you can get from the land.’ I didn’t realize how impactful she was to me and the direction of this brand. Leading with her words, I created products that reflect my ideals on a more fair, clean, and green world. With that said, I’m so humbled and honored to invite you to the World of MAJI.

Danniella Carter

Behind the Brand

Meaning water in Swahili, MAJI (MAH-gee) is a clean personal care brand specializing in reinforcing the skin barrier and body system. We focus on skin concerns like unbalanced skin, aging, and hyper-pigmentation as well as body issues like fatigue and lack of focus. Striking a delicate balance between then and now, MAJI blends ancient remedies with mindful technology while drawing inspiration from all corners of Africa & the Caribbean. We use highly potent prebiotics, botanical extracts, and adaptogens to return you to your optimal peak.

MAJI is committed to reducing environmental waste, so all packaging and products with reflect that duty. With our business-to-business partnerships and support of local charities in Africa & the Caribbean, MAJI expands the culture of sustainability, commerce, and philanthropy through beauty. MAJI embodies these qualities and will have every product be plant-based, free from toxic ingredients, cruelty-free, and sourced sustainably from Africa. At MAJI, we aim to set the standard in an ever-changing global market, but still maintain our closeness to home.

Our Ethos

Live Life Boldly Having a holistic approach to beauty, MAJI offers personal care, wellness, and fragrance products to better suit your lifestyle and your needs so that you can live unapologetically.


Bese Sake/Cycle of Good Will The majority of the sourced ingredients for MAJI will derive from local organizations in Africa. With our business-to-business partnerships and support of local charities in Africa, MAJI expands the culture of commerce and philanthropy through a continuous cycle of giving and receiving.


Nyame Nti/African Spirit We hope to channel the culture and energy of African people; by encapsulating our narratives, MAJI empowers the conversation of blackness, beauty, and wellness.


Asase Ye Duru/Green Thumb We have a duty to protect the sanctity of Mother Earth. As a commitment to the environment, MAJI insures bio-dynamic practices, fair-trade, and sustainability of every ingredient sourced for each product.


Unyielding Integrity As a brand, we believe that being transparent and having a strong moral conviction about our products and our mission is the only way to be.

‘Culture gives us identity, purpose, and direction.’

- Terry Kennedy